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mobile app development

We did quite a bit of work with the Xamarin platforms but we also used ReactNative and never got scared of mixing HTML with native UI. For the records, we also did Windows Phone and even BlackBerry! Please, be forgiving though! It was only 2012

Mobile Development

There are over 4 million mobile apps out there for iOS and Android. Sure you want to add your own to the store? 🙂 There are two main reasons for that. First, you also need a (web) backend so the app is only the tip of much bigger iceberg. Second, you have a system up-and-running but your clients (and/or your employees) ask for a quick-and-super-cool mobile apps to act as a front-end to use on the go. Don’t come our way telling you want an app. Tell us about the things you want have done instead.

Web Development

When we interview perspective customers–yes, it usually goes the other way around 🙂–the first thing we ask is the difference between web sites and web applications. The latter is a much more serious thing and it won’t cost you only a few hundreds of EUR. (Kidding! The former won’t be that cheap either). We focus on the Microsoft Web stack and tend not to like SPAs that much. Funny enough, at this point greedy HR recruiters start wondering how a spa fits in this reasoning. And then we wonder WTH a recruiter is doing here…

web app development - youbiquitous

Only a few people in the software industry can remind a thing called ASP+. That was 1999 and we were there genuinely shocked at the demo of a browser call that could return plain XML. We love ASP.NET, including ASP.NET Core, and vanilla-flavored JS.

software development made to measure - youbiquitous

Today, most bespoke software takes the form of a web application, that is a browser-based front-end on top of a Web API that can be even consumed through mobile devices. It’s a powerful combination–the one that works best for most scenarios. Simple concept, yet hard to adopt.

Tailor-made Development

Frankly, we hate any commonplace, business-style, positive talking like We help our customers to get better results. We do our best to serve customers in order to get paid 🙂 To be effective, though, we know that there’s no way other than helping customers getting better results. And to hit targets there’s no other way than thoroughly understanding business problems, mirroring them in software through models and user experience. No hype. No religion. No fluff. Just stuff.

All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.

George Orwell
"The Animal Farm", 1945

There is no intelligence where there is no change and no need of change.

H. G. Wells
"The Time Machine", 1895

It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be.

J. K. Rowling
"Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire", 2000

If we want things to stay as they are, things will have to change.

Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa
"The Leopard", 1958