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The seven sense of software art is various conceptual islands connected by the physical bridge of design.

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Francesco Esposito

Thinking – Creating- Building

I was 12 or so in the early days of the Windows Phone launch, and I absolutely wanted one of the freaking devices. I could have asked dad or mom, you say, but you don’t know them. I had exactly zero chances to have it bought as a normal teenager. So I found out I was quite good at problem solving 🙂 That was the beginning because then it came the passion for iOS and Android and the shortcut of C# which I find much less verbose than Java. I know about Kotlin, but C# is my first love. I love tennis too and I’m a lost fan of Roger Federer. Can you imagine my ecstasy when a small app I wrote had to be operated sitting right at the back of top players on the centre court of top tournaments? Wow! I enjoy explaining stuff and started early with public speaking. It’s in Italian but it gives the sense of things. BTW, the other one on stage is my dad. He also forced me to write the examples of a Windows 8 programming book that sold probably 50 copies (including copies bought by relatives). It was 2013 and I was 15. One day I asked my dad to borrow me an interesting amount of money. He refused, and then I had no other option than becoming a senior developer in just three weeks. Currently, I study math and work at night (or was it the other way around?) to build something big. Don’t know exactly what, but big, clean, and smart. And for the rest of us.L

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Dino Esposito

Writing – Training – Consulting

If my professional life were numbers it will be something like: 25+ years of career, 20+ books, 500+ conference talks, 1000+ technical articles and 10000+ hours of training. It’s not fake news saying that my work helped the professional growth of thousands of Microsoft .NET and ASP.NET developers and software architects worldwide. How did I do it? I started back in 1992 as a C developer and witnessed the debut of .NET, the rise and fall of a number of web technologies and the ups and downs of various architectural patterns. I ended up leading the team of five dreamers who actually deployed in 1995 a thing today we would call Flickr or iCloud Photos 🙂 I’ve been the author of all official Microsoft Press books since 2003, the Programming ASP.NET series, including ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Core. With fellow Microsoft MVP Andrea Saltarello, I also authored the best-seller Microsoft .NET: Architecting Applications for the Enterprise and with Francesco we’re working on Introducing Machine Learning always for Microsoft Press. I also have quite a few best-selling Pluralsight course on .NET architecture, ASP.NET MVC UX, device detection, and (upcoming) DDD/Event sourcing. Currently, I study ways to give substance to otherwise evanescent entities such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.

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