We’re a startup. Not that it means something, but it looks sexy!

What we do

We could use fancy words to describe how we spend our work days but, at the very end, we just look at how to make things simple. As simple as possible. But no simpler than that. 


Are you the shop that uses sticky notes all around the counter? Are you the municipality that fails at matching tickets to drivers? Are you the company whose left hand loses the hard money the right hand has made?


We fix things tightening algorithms (not screws) and connecting code repositories (not wires). We don’t use goggles either but see through things down to their abstract model. In a nutshell, we don’t invent the wheel every day but every day we try to learn how it works to figure out how it should work.


What Will Our Customers Say (One Day)?

All the words reported here have not been uttered yet by testimonials, but HAMLET predicts it will happen in the near future.
HAMLET is our proprietary AI system and uses reinforcement learning on weather forecasts and biometric feedback.

giggino for Youbiquitous

I wish I ran across Youbiquitous when I was only a webmaster and couldn’t write any ASP.NET or PHP code. I had to bounce back dozens of customers at the time. My entire life would have been so different otherwise...

tim cook per youbiquitous

Youbiquitous left Siri literally speechless. In addition, their vision reminds me the mess that Apple was in the late 1990s when we were only one step away from bankruptcy. If only they were more Mac addicted…

bill gates for youbiquitous

Bad, bad, bad! Youbiquitous is the worst software company I ever worked with. And I just couldn't understand why on earth they even asked me a quote. Give your money away rather than hiring them.

sconosciuto per youbiquitous

I hoped Youbiquitous could be my wall against poor code. I’ll tell you! They asked a boatload of cash to save my business from shutdown. At first, I didn't want to pay but then had to. You should hire these guys too!

Gigi Di Maio

Tim Cook

Bill Gates

Donald Trump

This is NOT fake, however

February 12, 2019
Teaching Algorithms to Learn

February 1, 2019
Ten Years of Bitcoin and the Genesis of Blockchain

January 23, 2019
Discover Kotlin



Fermat number #4


First five decimal digits of Pi


Prime number #58


Fibonacci’ number #28

cloud tecnologies development by youbiquitous

It’s the end of the page and we haven’t mentioned cloud yet

cloud tecnologies development by youbiquitous